Do you have a personal relationship with people you conduct business with, or is it just a business relationship? Letscoin is a revolutionary money network that helps individuals in building a relationship with customers and minimizing expenses for those who use it.

The LETSystem differs from other personal money networks because it adopts a practical stance. The unit of measure has the same value as the national currency, thus allowing the local money to integrate into the mainstream economy where it sets up beneficial cycles within the community. 

Nowadays, it is challenging to do business because cash often flows away from the local economy quickly. However, with Letscoin money, the purchasing power of the currency is retained because the money moves around more frequently. Letscoin ensures that the currency’s purchasing power continues to circulate locally among participants, which in turn creates an extra turnover for local entrepreneurs who also spend their extra income extra with colleagues. This is good for the business climate, employment, social connections, and sustainability.

Benefits of Letscoin 

How Letscoin Works

A single Letscoin is equivalent to 1 USD. 1$C = 1$.

Part of the local payment method arises because cash transactions are deposited in a blocked bank account. For every Dollar, a Letscoin will come into circulation. The other part of the local money comes into circulation as mutual credit by and for companies. 

Thanks to excellent insurance, Letscoin need not be inferior in value to those bought it with US Dollars.

Dollars with a Mission

By participating in Letscoin, you give your money an assignment to circulate and earn you profits. Local spending will increase local income. For example, participants in the payment Letscoin help prevent money from flowing out of the local economy, to speculate on financial markets, or to evade taxes on a tropical island.