What are the benefits for Letscoin Users?

How does Letscoin work?

Letscoin is equivalent to 1 USD. 1$C = 1$.

Part of the local payment method arises because cash transactions are deposited in a blocked bank account. For every Dollar, a Letscoin will come into circulation. The other part of the local money comes into circulation as mutual credit by and for companies. 

Thanks to good insurance, Letscoin need not be inferior in value to those who bought it with USDollars.

Why is local spending important?

By participating in Letscoin you give your money an assignment: go around more often, be spent locally more often > earn -> spend -> earn again. Local spending means extra local income. For example, participants in the payment Letscoin help prevent money from flowing out of the local economy to speculate on financial markets, or to evade taxes on a tropical island.

What is the technology behind Letscoin?

Letscoin centrally controls digital technology, account numbers, payment apps and the payment card. This digital money uses a software innovation that keeps track of how long purchasing power remains regional. Users can therefore see when they can buy normal money from the guarantee fund with their local money.

Local groups work together

Why become a member of Letscoin?

How to become a member?

Becoming a member is very easy. Download the Letscoin Wallet App, Register via this link with a community of your choice. When you download the app, you can start using your Letscoin immediately. When you become a member, you get a Letscoin money account with internet banking, and you can use the Letscoin Wallet app on Android phones or tablets and Apple phones or tablets (click on the link to go to the play store / app store ).

What are the benefits of Letscoin for entrepreneurs?

The payment network of Letscoin offers three important benefits to local businesses:

The special payment software of Letscoin earmarks the money from the government, companies and consumers, so that it circulates within the region for a certain period of time. At the same time, the money holds its full value, because after a specific period of time the digital local money can be spent anywhere as normal Dollar purchasing power.