How can I register as a company, institution or private person?

For the steps you need to take you can visit this registration page. Institutions can register as an entrepreneur.

Are there costs associated with participation?

Yes. You pay an annual participant contribution, the first of which is paid upon registration. We use mandatory minimum amounts for individuals and companies. Voluntarily larger contributions that help to get the Letscoin off the ground are warmly welcomed.

Upon registration, the payment of the first annual participant contribution is valid until the end of the year following the year of registration.

Membership: Unless there is another agreement with your community, the rates are as follows:

In the future, these amounts will most likely become revenue-dependent: if your company earns a lot in Letscoin, then you also pay a little more. If you earn less, you also pay less.

Private: At least 15 Dollars a year, hoping that people with a little higher income can support this initiative to come to Letscoin by opting for the higher options (40, 70, or 100 Dollars a year).

Can you become a member if you are younger than 18?

If you are younger than 18 and at least 12 years old, you can become a member of Letscoin with the permission of your parents or guardian. For this, one of your parents or guardian must send an e-mail from his / her e-mail address to with a scan of a signed letter stating that you have permission to join Letscoin. Once we have sent a confirmation of receipt back, you can register.

Why do I pay my membership contribution in regular US Dollars?

The membership fee is collected in Dollars via a bank collection so that Letscoin can convert these Dollars into Letscoin. We publish this within the network. In this way we increase the number of Letscoins that circulate within the community. Ultimately, if we want to make Letscoin a success, it is necessary that as much trading as possible is done with Letscoin.

Companies that participate in Letscoin can also sell their Letscoin for National Currency after a certain period. Although this offers certainty for companies, there is always a risk that the amount of Letscoin in circulation will decrease. Collecting membership fees in ordinary currency - and then converting them into Letscoin - guarantees the constant flow of Letscoin in the community.

For the same reason, we ask governments and individuals to purchase Letscoin if they want to spend. Finally, the loans in Letscoin also put more Letscoin into circulation.

Can I be a member of multiple communities as a member of Letscoin?

In principle this is not possible. As a member of Letscoin you can only be a member of one community. It is, however, possible to trade in Letscoin with members of other communities using Letscoin. In exceptional cases, permission can still be given. This must be done in writing.

I am a member of my company, but I would rather not be found on the map. How do I set my address to private?

This is easy to arrange if you are logged in, both in the app and online.

In the app: When you are logged in, tap your own image at the top of the screen. If you now swipe down, you will see your address (s). At the top right of your address is a button to change your address details. If you tap on that, you will also see a "private" box that you can tick. Then click on "save" and it is settled.

In the browser: when you are logged in, click on "personal" in the bar at the top and then on the "addresses" tab. Then click on "adjust" under the card. On that screen you can tick the "private" box. Finally click on "save" and you are done.

Tip: If you still see yourself on the map, try refreshing your screen. You can do that in the browser by pressing F5 on your keyboard, and in the app you can log out and log in again.