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LETSCOIN will have the greatest economic use to you if you look at where you currently spend money. Have you built a personal relationship with the people involved, or is it only a commercial transaction? If you can recruit individuals to the system with whom you normally spend Federal Dollars, you will find that being able to buy the same goods and services in part for LETS will have a big effect on increasing your savings and disposable income. 

The LETSystem differs from other personal money networks by adopting a practical stance. The unit of measure has the same value as the national currency, so allowing the local money to integrate into the mainstream economy where it sets up beneficial cycles within the community. 

Money often flows away too quickly from the local economy. This makes it difficult to do business. This could be smarter. With this Letscoin money, purchasing power does not leak away: it goes around more often. This is because purchasing power continues to circulate locally for a while among participants. This creates extra turnover for local entrepreneurs who also spend their extra income with colleagues. This is good for the business climate, employment, social connections and sustainability.